Testimonial: Coldwell Banker

Al Edwards, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, CBRB Real Estate Advantage Program

“You have captured the basic idea of what we hope to accomplish with this article. Well stated. Thank you so much for your great help. I will recommend you to others.”

Testimonial: Manasota SCORE

Jeannette Watling-Mills, Certified Mentor, Manasota SCORE

“Susan increased our visibility and has succeeded in getting us consistent coverage in media. She has been a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to understand our mission and services.”

Testimonial: Consonant Custom Media

Steve Smith, Owner and Publisher, Consonant Custom Media

“Susan Hicks is a valued member of our CCM team. Without question, her professionalism and attention to detail have enhanced the quality of our publications.”

Testimonial: Bardolf & Co. and New Chapter Publishers

Chris Angermann, Owner/Editor – Bardolf & Co., Editor-in-Chief – New Chapter Publisher

“Susan is an outstanding editor who knows how to make others sound better on the page while preserving their unique voice.”

Testimonial: HARBOR STYLE Magazine

Jimmy Dean, Publisher, HARBOR STYLE Magazine, Punta Gorda

“When our Editorial Director took maternity leave, I had the great fortune of convincing Susan Hicks to step in for her. She was a delight to work with and we couldn’t have engineered a better solution.”

Testimonial: Kinnexion

Jane Barr, CPC, Owner and Energy Leadership Coach, Kinnexion

“Susan not only captures what it is I am trying to say to my audience, she captures my personal tone and style of writing, so what I send out always sounds authentic.”