“Another Man’s Treasure”

By Charles R. Hall

“Lucy and her best friend, Rudy, are two innocent youngsters growing up in a sleepy beach community on the West coast of Florida. In the spring of 1973, a mysterious guest from Canada comes to stay at the seaside motel owned by Lucy’s father. Orel Hughes awakens the town, stirring up secrets from the past and rousing long buried yearnings in everyone he meets. When things come to a head, Lucy discovers her strength and maturity when she is forced to take matters into her own hands in a surprising and dramatic conclusion. Bathed in the sultry atmosphere of the Sunshine State, this many-layered tale of desire, greed and redemption is a powerful coming of age story. 2014 FAPA Gold medal winner for Florida Fiction, Another Man’s Treasure is a well-crafted novel with passion, keen insight and wit.” (Amazon)

Edited the novel.

Referred the author to Bardolf & Company, where he was provided with final proofreading and publication assistance.