A little help sometimes goes a long way towards helping you reach your goals.

You might need or want to develop writing skills to further your career or academic performance. Or you may have a specific project you need help with, like writing an impactful essay to accompany a college application.

Perhaps you have been struggling with a writing project you’ve been working on for years, and talking it through with someone and gaining an outside perspective might get things moving along much better.

Susan Hicks has a background in writing skills education built on a degree in Secondary Education, English, from Duquesne University. She taught English amd speech in Sarasota County high schools for 6 years. She also provided education to adjudicated delinquents in a one-room school setting for 6 years, in a program in Pennsylvania, with students ranging from virtual nonreaders to some ready for college level learning.

Overcoming fear of criticism holds back many writers. Gentle guidance is often very beneficial. 

Please contact Susan Hicks if you’d like to discuss getting assistance to improve your writing. We might be able to work together.