“On Two Continents: My Business Adventures in Europe and Germany” by Walter Beller.

Published by Bardolf & Company, 2010.

In his long business career, Walter Beller had the rare opportunity to helm successful manufacturing companies both in Europe and the United States. Long before globalization became a buzz word, he understood that different countries and cultures require different operating rules.

In On Two Continents he shares his extensive knowledge and experiences, including the values he learned from his father early on, which became the guiding principles for his international success. The book is a lively, often humorous account of behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing, industrial spying, contract negotiations, board meetings and office politics.

From doing business in Communist countries to calling corrupt executives on the carpet to hiring rocket scientists who had worked for Werner von Braun, the father of American space travel, Beller’s stories are as entertaining as they are instructive. His hard- earned, savvy understanding of the rules governing local and international business practices will benefit anyone looking to find his way in today’s global economy.

(As described on Amazon; book no longer available.)