“Labyrinths: journeys of healing, stories of grace”

By Bob Kreilick

“Bob Kreilick’s experiences make for good stories, and in his autobiography, Rock Solid: A Very Good Life, he tells a lot of them. From growing up in a melting pot neighborhood in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to retiring to Florida to travel, play golf, fish and hunt alligators, he has had plenty of excitement. Bob spent much of his career making sure that buildings, bridges and other structures would rest on solid foundations. His accounts of drilling for rock samples for the World Trade Center, the Verrazano Bridge and the Washington, DC Metro make for a fascinating look into a little-known line of work. But the cement throughout his life has been family and friends. He and his wife Barbara enjoyed a wonderful 44-year marriage, and he continues to spend time with his children and friends, some of whom he’s known for 70 years. If there is one theme that runs through his memoir, it is to be true to one’s word – a rock-solid, all-American value.” (BooksRun.com)

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